“REAL Marines!”

December 4, 2021

One of my most favorite memories of serving at Mar Bar Alameda happened at the Leatherneck Club. 5 of us had dinner there for one of the Marines birthday. We had gotten dressed in our Dress Alphas, inspection ready and our dates had formal gowns on. We didn't know what floor it was on, got off on the wrong floor; now we were NCOs but saw so many Stars, Bars, Oak leaves and Rockers. Obviously we had gotten off at one of the Ballrooms. We heard one Crusty SNCO bellow out "Great!!! REAL Marines!! Now we can PARTY!!" We politely beat a hasty retreat. We got to the right floor, what a great room!! We were seated ordered our food, prime rib. All of a sudden two bottles of wine appeared, bought and paid for by some older brother Marines at the bar and never ran out. The food was awesome as was the service! Made for one memorable night ... we still talk about it. Thank you!!

~ Bryan J.