My memories of the MMC started in the 1950’s

June 8, 2021

My memories of the MMC started in the 1950’s. My dad was a member. We would put on our Sunday best and go to the 10th floor dining room for dinner. In those days most people did not have a TV at home so it was a treat to retire to the Mezzanine just off the dining room and watch TV!!!

Years later my former husband, retired Army member, we would take our daughter to the MMC and stay over night...she loved going in “the city.”

Even more years later and my retired Navy husband and I joined as Benefactor members and took advantage of a program where our adult children could become members as well. We have enjoyed using reciprocal clubs from London to Hong Kong!

Our most recent family gathering included my granddaughter, now third generation to enjoy the MMC
Needless to say we have enjoyed many memories with friends and family at the MMC...

From the dinner dances, to family reunions, to coming into the city for a show and shopping. Many of the employees have been there thru out the more recent years.

Happy Anniversary MMC you are as old as me!!!

Carol Todd