Home Away From Home

April 19, 2021

Living in San Diego, we usually only enjoy a stay at the Marines Memorial Club once a year at most. But as members for nearly 23 years we've always felt safe and at home as soon as we've walked in the door and seen the familiar faces and appreciated the welcomes from Troy in the lobby, Gabby at happy hour, and Andy at breakfast. We've always found that so comforting and Gabby even remembers our cocktail preferences without having to ask. We've never failed to make new friends during happy hour as we all have that special military bond in common. The stories we've shared have developed into years of friendship with several of those we've met.

A college roommate of mine and her husband joined us for one stay and it was a fabulous time. He is an avid history buff and each morning he was up at the crack of dawn exploring all the memorabilia on display on every floor and was spellbound by it. There have also been other momentous occasions celebrated there - a gathering of our extended family for a few nights after our son's graduation from Santa Clara University and my husband's reunion with a childhood friend now living in Mill Valley whom he hadn't seen in over 30 years. Even our son and his wife choose to stay at the Club when their travels bring them to San Francisco. They make a point of sending a photo as they sit by the window on the 12th floor which makes us very envious, but also happy that they enjoy the Club as much as we do. Needless to say, we are so looking forward to our next stay as we've been away too long.

Denise Bauer