I’m a Gold Star Mother . . .

May 28, 2021

I'm Gold Star Mother Dianne Layfield, I've been coming to the Marines' Memorial Club for 17 wonderful , Memorable years.

I was introduced to the MMC, after my Son, Marine LCpl Travis Layfield was KIA in Ramadi, Iraq on April 6th, 2004.
I had met some Blue Star Moms, who were working with General M. Myatt, on an event for Gold Star Parents. General Myatt wanted a safe place that Gold Stars could meet, laugh, cry, grieve, heal, amongst each other, as we all shared the same heart break of losing our Loved one in the Conflict. I was very Honored to have been asked to help with some input on this amazing event.

From the 1st time I walked thru the doors at the MMC, I felt at home. The warmth of the whole atmosphere of the Hotel, the amazing incredible staff, were so welcoming. It made me never want to leave. I always say, if I didn't live so far away, I'd so love to work there.

Heading up to the 12th floor for lunch with the Blue Star Moms, and especially General Myatt, was more then I could imagine. The view was stunning, beyond words, perfectly clear day. The Blue Angels were actually practicing, and flew right past the window, what an Awesome site to see and hear. I'll never forget that day.

This was just the start of my 17-year journey, thru the gates of the entry into the Lobby.

I've attended all 15 years for the Gold Star Honor and Remembrances. I have met amazing people, made life long friends, cried, laughed, hugged more then I could've ever expected. Every memory is embedded in my mind, for always.

I've also attended several Beautiful Marine Corps Balls. The MMC really knows how to throw a party, with class. Always very Memorable times, I'll cherish.

Visiting the Mezzanine floor, with the Living Memorial is my favorite Memories. It's absolutely a stunning, Memorial Walls, to Honor our Loved ones, who Paid the Ultimate Sacrifice.

Thank you General Myatt for your huge heart and vision to create such a Loving Memorial Wall.

The people I have met there, is unbelievable. I'm so Thankful for each and everyone of them. Travis has put me on a Mission, In his name, I never would've imagined.

It breaks my heart, that I've not been able to visit the MMC, in way too long, due to the COVID Pandemic. I know everyone, whose ever walked thru the doors, are Praying it opens once again soon. I'm so excited to make more new memories, when I can visit.

Thank you Marines Memorial Club, for my 17 years of Memories, and Friendships to treasure.

Dianne Layfield