“Congratulations on your 75th Anniversary!”

July 31, 2021

I would like to share these photos of our stay at the Marines Memorial Club in 2017 with my Ramirez family.

Judy Arevalo, Adriana Ramirez sister and I in front of my husband, Col. Edwin P. Ramsey, 26th Cavalry PS plaque on the 5th floor.

Christmas 2017 with my Ramirez family after my husband passed away in 2013. Adrina Ramirez and her son, Daniel and Amy on my right and Judy Arevalo and her daughter, Olga on my left. Another photo with my brother, Paul Ramirez beside me. A photo of me and your Christmas Tree in the lobby.

Warm personal regards and Congratulations on your 75th Anniversary!

~ Raquel Ramsey