Boyhood Memories of Marines’ Memorial During WW II

March 31, 2021

George Clark’s article, 609 Sutter and World War II (Crossroads Fall 2008), recalled childhood memories visiting my aunt, Lt Cdr Frances Callison, who commanded WAVES Quarters, Twelfth Naval District, during the war. I remember going up to her office in the old steel-gated elevator and meeting servicemen returning from the Pacific. One of the Marines gave me a rifle he had taken from a Japanese sniper.

Another recollection was of my aunt apprehending a young enlisted WAVE carrying what appeared to be a fifth wrapped in a paper bag. To Commander Callison’s embarrassment, it turned out to be a “bottle” of Tom & Cherries® chocolates.

Being a Life Member of the Marines’ Memorial Club has added to the feeling that I have been a part of 609 Sutter for a long time.

PS: I would be happy to donate the rifle to the Club’s museum.

William B. Donovan, MD
(former Captain, MC)