“An immediate feeling of belonging . . . “

March 29, 2021

The memories of our (my wife Kathy and I) stays at and relations with the Marine Memorial Club are all very special. No single memory stands out, perhaps because consistency describes it best. On entering the Club from Sutter Street there is an immediate feeling of belonging, a genuine welcoming feeling, almost like “we’re home and among family again.” It is genuine because of the staff at every level who together with quality leadership make our stay a special “reality.” So, Club memories are what occurs each and every time we visit. Seeing our friends who make things work, enjoying the amenities, sharing stories with other guests during happy hours at Chesty’s and the Leatherneck Bar, meeting travelers from abroad, delighting in wonderful cuisine, and participating in a reciprocal club as an external memory. The one memorable exception is the celebration of my 80th birthday in 2017 with family and friends. The Marine Memorial Club is unique, nothing else compares! - Bill and Kathy Steeves

Photo: Bill with Marines' Memorial Director of Membership, Mackenzie Jakoubek and young Buff.