75 Years in the Making: The “Voice” of Marines’ Memorial

May 28, 2021

Last month, we went through the many faces of our Lobby-- the "heart" of Marines’ Memorial. This month, we’ll take a look back at our "voice"-- the Crossroads of the Corps!

75 Years of Crossroads of the Corps Magazine

Since 1946, the Crossroads of the Corps has often been referred to as the “voice” of the Marines’ Memorial Club, but it hasn’t always been the multi-page publication we know today.

Prospective members first heard of our Living Memorial when they received the first newsletter sent out by the Marines’ Memorial Association in November 1946, titled “The Bulletin.” Volume 1, Number 1 was a four-page publication informing readers of the upcoming Grand Opening of the Club and the festivities they were invited to. It contained a brief review of the Club’s origin and purpose and, quite possibly the most important part, a call from Major General Rockey urging Marines to support their brand-new Living Memorial as well as the instructions for obtaining membership.

From its humble four-page beginnings, the monthly "Bulletin" grew in both size and content. By the Spring of 1947, readers enjoyed a bevy of Club news full of photographs and passionate descriptions of Marines’ Memorial services and activities. One short year later, Crossroads of the Corps was born in April of 1948.
During the 60’s, the newsletter, still published monthly, returned to reporting only news of the Club. By 1969, donations and membership dues eliminated the need to supplement production and printing costs with ad sales. (Ad sales started again in the early 2000’s and were eliminated shortly after.)
The publication we are all familiar with was born in the Winter/Spring edition of 1980. Crossroads became a full-color, glossy publication that was then sent out quarterly. Although the name, design and contents have evolved over the last 75 years, the purpose of our “voice” remains the same: to inform members and donors about their Club, a meeting place once referred to as Crossroads of the Corps, its activities and the impact you make through your support.

A peek inside a Crossroads from 1956

A peek inside a Crossroads from 1987