“60 Years ago . . . “

April 16, 2021

My father first visited the Marines' Memorial nearly 60 years ago while waiting for a troop ship to go to Okinawa in 1962. Thereafter, he always found an excuse to visit SF just to stay at the Marines' Memorial. He insisted that my brothers and I stay there in early January 1979. We were driving my car across the country after I had finished The Basic School. It was to be shipped from Oakland to my new duty station in Kaneohe Hawaii with BLT 1/3.

My brothers and I had a wonderful cross country trip of about nine days, and welcomed a home base for a couple of days. The club was wonderful: welcoming, interesting and full of great characters in the bar, eager to quiz and indoctrinate the greenest 2ndLt in the Corps. SInce then, I've always sought an excuse to visit San Francisco to stay at the Marines Memorial. For three years I had a corporate apartment in San Francisco and loved walking up the hill after a busy day for an event and meeting new friends while hearing a terrific speaker.

Today my four children love staying at the Marines' Memorial as they feel like honorary Marines and at home. I look forward to many more trips and one day my father's great grandchildren will come to San Francisco just to see the Marines' Memorial.

Bob Shaw